Selling your home does not have to be an intimidating task! With over a decade of experience in the Washington DC metropolitan real estate market, The Hersh Group has the necessary knowledge and expertise to assist in the sale of your home.

Listing Agreement

Listing your property with The Hersh Group begins with a tour of your home, a comparison of recent sales and an assessment of your property’s attributes (both good and bad). Upon mutual agreement, a listing agreement will be signed which specifies the length of the agreement, the list price and compensation to both the listing and selling brokers upon sale. We will work with you to determine a date to actively “list” your home on the market.


The Ira and company team will create a profile of your property in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), complete with pictures and a detailed description.  The MLS is a membership service available exclusively to brokers belonging to the Association of REALTORS®. REALTORS® use this service to locate properties, market them, and compare sales of similar properties.

The Hersh Group will also post a “For Sale” sign on your property (when permitted to do so) and your home will be advertised in a variety of ways including on our cutting-edge website, through other online real estate sites such as Zillow, Trulia,, and Urban Turf, in ads in publications such as the Washington Post and The Current Newspapers, through our e-newsletter, and occasionally through direct mail postcards.


A home that stands out and is uncluttered and clean makes a good first impression. The Hersh Group will work with you to showcase your home’s unique features and maximize its curb appeal. When your home is in showing condition, we will provide a lockbox which will allow agent to show your home. We will ask agents to provide as much advance notice as possible before showing. This is an important and necessary step in showcasing your home. In all likelihood we will schedule a public open house as well.


After receiving an offer, The Hersh Group will carefully work with you to explain the terms of the offer and review the solidity of the buyer’s finances. The offer is a signed document outlining the term under which a buyer is offering to purchase your property. You can accept the offer as written, make a counter offer or reject it completely. If the buyer responds with a counter to your counter offer you can then accept it, counter the counter offer, or reject it. The offer to buy becomes a contract when all parties have initialed every change and signed the offer (a process referred to as ratification).


Shortly before settlement the buyer will conduct a walk through with their agent to ensure that the property is in the condition agreed upon in the ratified contract.
Settlement occurs when all requirements of the contract have been complete and each party, the buyer and the seller, have a meeting of the minds and sign the respective documents. In attendance at settlement will be the title company attorney, the listing and selling agreement, the buyer and their agent and you, the owner.

The settlement attorney/agent will walk through each document.

Dead of trust
Deed of trust note or mortgage note
VA, FHA, or lender forms
Settlement sheets

You and the buyer will then sign all the necessary forms. In certain cases, some of the closing costs may be paid by you, the seller. Once all of the documents have been signed you will turn over the keys to the buyer and your transaction is complete!